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  • 位于宾夕法尼亚州斯克兰顿的富通学院:通往重要职业的门户

    At Fortis Institute in Scranton, our team is committed to guiding students in northeast PA to fulfilling careers in vital sectors such as CDL commercial driving, nursing, and healthcare as well as the skilled trades in HVAC and refrigeration.   Fortis uses a blended learning approach where traditional classroom instruction is enriched by hands-on skill-building labs and externships. Our experienced faculty helps students to “learn by doing” so they look forward to graduating with the knowledge, confidence, 以及雇主在新员工身上看重的实用技能. 


    随着医疗保健行业在PA的持续扩张, Fortis Institute in Scranton offers relevant programs in medical assisting, dental assisting, dental hygiene and practical nursing.  随着医学的不断进步和美国人口的老龄化, there is solid demand for entry-level employees in these career fields.  富通的教育侧重于培养临床技能, and the Career Services team works with students approaching graduation to schedule interviews with local employers.  在你参观校园的时候,询问一下我们毕业生的就业率. 


    Pennsylvanians have always prided themselves on hard work, customer service and attention to detail.  These soft skills are critical to being successful in the skilled trades and CDL commercial driving.  With a Fortis education, graduates can develop essential hands-on skills to complement their work ethic.  宾州冬天寒冷,夏天潮湿, skilled HVAC installers and mechanics are in demand throughout Lackawanna county, Luzerne county and across the state.  Truckers keep the US economy going and Fortis is helping to fill the demand as older drivers retire.  At Fortis Institute, students can train to become a commercial driver to operate trucks over-the-road, regionally and locally. 


    位于斯克兰顿的富通学院全年提供课程.  With our focus on hands-on learning without taking non-essential general education courses, 富通的教师帮助毕业生发展工作技能,以完成他们的课程,并比他们进入传统的四年制大学或社区学院更快地进入劳动力市场.  Take the next step and contact Fortis for career training in northeast Pennsylvania today


    In our skilled trade programs, you will learn the knowledge and hands-on skills that will allow you to make a difference doing something you love to do. 我们的综合技能行业课程将传统的课堂教学与情境和实践学习经验相结合,为学生的入门级职位做好准备.

    根据美国劳工统计局的数据, healthcare and medical career opportunities are forecast to grow over the next decade, 部分原因是我们的人口老龄化和医疗保健需求的增加. Fortis offers a variety of medical and healthcare training programs to help meet this need.

    Message from the Campus President

    Welcome to the Fortis Family! 我很感激你选择富通作为你的培训和教育基地.  The team at Fortis looks forward to helping you reach your goals in whichever field you have chosen. Start with the end in mind, see yourself walking the stage at graduation and in your new career; and you will succeed!

    Licensure and Certification

    The following programs may require licensure or certification to obtain employment. Please find your program of interest to determine if the program meets the educational requirements for licensure or certification in your state.